February 3, 2008 – Google Yourself!

Every once in a while, it’s good to google yourself to see what comes up.  I did that yesterday and found two publications in the past few weeks have included quotes by yours truly.  One was a story from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about Stern Tanning Company’s relocation from Sheboygan Falls to Milwaukee.

Iowa farmer Mark Runquist, who raises sheep, also is eager for Stern Tanning to ramp up its business.

The Runquist family’s small organic farm, located near Marshalltown, has used Stern Tanning to help create around a half-dozen sheepskin rugs annually over the past five years. The rug sales help supplement the family’s farm income, and Runquist said there are few other U.S. tanneries that provide sheepskin tanning.

The other story was from the Cedar Rapids Gazette concerning the public hearing on the proposed coal-fired plant permitting.

“I’ve sat through five presentations by Alliant on this plant and they’ve given us every conceivable opportunity to ask questions,” said Iowa Valley Community College District Chancellor Tim Wynes. “Don’t make this decision based on a fear — fear of the unknown.”

But in this case, the unknown fear was bigger than most the Iowa Utilities Board has previously considered — the fear that carbon dioxide emissions of coal-fired power plants may be deemed so damaging that federal regulators step in to halt their use or require extremely costly environmental controls to capture the carbon. “Alliant management should be fully aware of and financially responsible for this risk,” said Mark Runquist, a plant opponent from Melbourne. “Alliant plans to benefit financially by the operation of this plant. They should assume the risk.”

So, if you haven’t lately, it’s good to Google yourself to see what’s out there about you.

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