November 28, 2008 – Thanksgiving

We motored up to Rochester for Thanksgiving. Mom ended up with a houseful – about 20 folks all together.

This photo reveals some of the day’s elements – Emma counted 13 different desserts, cousin brought a great selection of microbrews from Madison, we brought a turkey and cousins got to run around like maniacs.  Lots of time to catch up and eat well!

one year ago…”I Never Wait Until the Last Minute ; ) “.

November 26, 2008 – Boy Work

There’s important work for boys to do.

Here, Martin is busy kicking rocks and sand off a ledge into the abandoned quarry below. Later on, it was important to throw rocks out onto the ice to test the thickness. It’s also a good time to test rock skipping. Other important work includes breaking sticks down into smaller pieces by beating them against tree trunks or the ground.

one year ago…”Winter’s Coming”.