September 30, 2006 – Kid Weekend

This weekend is kid-time. I volunteered to be a bus chaperone for the Urbandale Band contest. We left home at 2:00 pm and arrived back shortly after midnight. The Bobcat band earned 2nd place in the 4A contest.

Claire in action, playing some part of the soundtrack from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It pleases her father, a former sousaphone player in marching band, to see her out strutting her stuff.

September 28, 2006 – Thingamajig Thursday #43

Here’s this week’s “Thingamajig Thursday” entry. Also check out
last week’s answer.

Back to high school biology for this. Everyone knows this is a zinnia flower, but what are the yellow thingamajigs called?

As always, put your guess in a comment below.

The yellow thingamajigs are called “disk flowers” and the pink thingamajigs are called “ray flowers.”

September 26, 2006 – Friends Across the Field

Today is a “Meet a Neighbor” day. Nancy lives to the northwest of us. In the winter, the sun sets over their house (from our perspective). We share many things with Nancy, mainly a zest for life and courage to pursue non-mainstream lives.

I’m a little bit late with this entry as the piece she is holding is from her just-ended show at the local art gallery entitled “Perspective is Everything” which was a group of assemblages – sculptures of sorts, made from thrown away or kitschy objects that tell a story or provide a view of the world or a small part of it.

This is one of the assemblages that was in the show, “on loan” from high hopes gardens. Those of you who know us, will see objects that somehow symbolize us. This one rests in our china hutch in the living room.