May 31, 2010 – India Looms for Claire

Less than two weeks before Claire boards a plane for the unknown!  I encouraged her to take up the blogging torch, so I wouldn’t have to keep up with her activities so closely (a good father gracefully lets go, right?)  So Claire has started her own blog called Namaste, Veggies!  and the location is and has already posted some pre-trip background and thoughts.

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May 30, 2010 – OK, We’re Almost Done with Claire

OK, I promise, we’re almost through with Claire posts for a while, but when your baby graduates from high school, it’s best to note it in this Dad’s “Online Scrapbooking” as others have referred to this blog.

Sp there she is, all done with high school!  As her achievements have been previously chronicled, I’ll leave them be for now.  But she did have one last high school honor – she was selected to address the audience at the graduation ceremony.  We were far away, it was hot, and the parameters of the speech left little room for outlandish creativity (aka duct tape school dresses), it is put here only for those relatives who are very interested, the rest of you can wait for tomorrow’s post.

one year ago…”Martin Planting”

May 29, 2010 – Garlic Off To Great Start

The garlic is exceptionally early this year. We’ve already had to pull off the first few scapes – can’t ever remember dong that in May.

Here’s some of the garlic fairly close up.

We were able to institute the new four foot alternating beds in some gardens where garlic wasn’t planted. These two new strips of clover and perennial rye are starting to come along.

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