November 28, 2007 – I Never Wait Until the Last Minute ;)

Today was the last “warm” day for a while – in the upper 30’s with 25 mph NW winds – but the next week or so is supposed to be much colder, so one overdue task remains – pulling up all the tomato vines, cages, and stakes – if I wait much longer the ground will be frozen.

Here’s the pile of old vines ready to burn.  You’ll also notice what served as the “turkey tractor” up until last week behind the vines.  All the tomato cages and steel posts are loaded onto the wagon and ready to be pulled to the other garden in the spring.  This beats stacking them on the ground and picking them back up and moving them again in the spring.  It only took me 10 years to figure this one out!  Our tomato cages are substantial – sections of old woven wire fencing bent in a circle, held in place with half a steel fencepost. Â We consider the store tomato cages to be worthless for tomatoes – we use them for bell peppers, but sometimes even the peppers get too big and blow down in a wind.

In addition to moving the tomatoes to different locations each year, we burn the vines to help cut down on disease overwintering.

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