April 30, 2006 – Relentless

The low-pressure system has been relentless the past few days. Wind. Rain. Repeat. Not heavy rain, but we’ve got about 2 inches over the last 3 days. A good soaker. About one more day left.

Here’s the view outside the window near the computer. Despite the rain, life went on – finished with the spawning, loaded a bunch of rough cut oak boards that we had been storing for the owner who was in Alaska the past three years into the back of a U-haul. Linda and Martin worked on some french-milled soap. I got a bit more insulation up in the attic and bought a literal truckload in town. Spent some time working of flyers and mailing lists, so all in all it was a bit of a break from the springtime outdoor frenzy.

April 29, 2006 – Spawning

We started the mushroom “planting” today. The dowels innoculated with shitaake mushroom spawn arrived and the logs were previously cut and ends waxed and ready to go.

Martin is holding the bag of spawn.

First holes are drilled in the log to one inch with a drill and collar. They are spaced about 6 inches apart in rows about 2 inches apart.

The dowels are pounded into the logs next.

Finally, wax is put over the holes to seal them up as the log needs to stay moist. According to the directions, we should move the logs into a shady spot, keep them moist, and in 6-18 months the picking should begin! This is a job that requires many hands and everybody can help.

April 28, 2006 – Looking for Morels

Although the weather’s been a bit variable (a touch of snow on Tuesday) it’s about time to look for morel mushrooms. Here’s a happy picture of Martin on the woodland trail. I like to see the little kid out in the big world, happy, singing, and safe, even at a distance from his parents.

It wasn’t a good outing as far as finding mushrooms goes – only a small handfull of small morels, but it is nice to get out and let the kids run and explore.

Here’s a group of walnut leaves popping out of their big bud (no consultation with in-house botanist on this description!).