August 29, 2007 – Fowl Brooding

We’ve got three separate batches of poultry brooding now – 50 more broilers in the old hog barn, and in one half of the chicken coop, we’ve got the fancy chickens and guineas.  The broilers can’t be with any others since they are too pushy and the fancy chickens and guineas can’t be together since they require food of differing protien levels.

So our solution was to stick an old piece of paneling in the ring to divide it up.  The paneling has come into many uses – we ripped all the sheets of the dark paneling off the walls of the house shortly after we moved in and I just stuck it in a shed and slowly have been finding uses for it in unexpected ways.

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August 27, 2007 – Passport Ready?

I earlier wrote that Linda was selected to go on an ag trip to Mexico this fall.  Now, she’s going on ANOTHER trip, this time, a bit further south - to Costa Rica in the winter (winter here, not there).  A group from Iowa State periodically sponsors trips for ag professionals and growers to experience a different kind of agriculture.  Linda was invited to go on this trip to Costa Rica – here’s a bit about the tour from the organizer:

“We will tour farms, co-ops, processing facilities, and research centers for a wide range of crops, including coffee, banana, pineapple, papaya, flowering ornamentals, sugar cane, diverse vegetables, mango, citrus, etc.  We will be based in a hotel in the capital city, San Jose, and take day trips out to destinations in a comfortable, air-conditioned bus, returning each evening to the same hotel.  We will get to see these sites up close, and talk to the growers and managers.

Aside from its marvelous agricultural diversity, Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful place.  Elevations range from sea level (Pacific and Atlantic Oceans) to over 12,000 ft at the top of volcanoes.  Although the focus of the trip is agriculture, we will get to be tourists, too, seeing volcanoes, beaches, and even rainforest.”

It was kind of weird since we were just talking last Friday about some people who had traveled to Costa Rica and loved it. We added it to the “Love to go there someday” (when we had money, time, and a reason) - when a few days later, it drops in her lap.  Linda can’t decide if she’s more excited to go as a farmer or a biologist!

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