October 31, 2009 – Happy Halloween

Martin decided he wanted to be a spider for Halloween – so he made his own costume out of black clothes, black chore boots, and some pipe insulators for legs (Martin wants to let you know there’s eight legs  if you count his legs!).

He learned the benefits of a home-made costume as one of his fellow trick-or-treaters wore a store-bought werewolf and almost every other candy provider asked the werewolf  “haven’t you already been here?” as there were a number of identical werewolves roaming the neighborhood.

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October 30, 2009 – Fall Mushrooms

Because the weather has been so cool lately, I didn’t think of looking for a fresh flush of shiitakes on the logs we spawned.

But surprise, they’re there!

So tonight we had another high hopes exclusive meal. Shiitakes and onions from the farm sauteed in sesame oil. Walleye caught in the BWCA this summer, along with fresh brussells sprouts and applesauce from the farm – not bad for end of October.

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October 28, 2009 – October Mud

Here’s the view from the farm this month – mud. Mud like slippery late March, early April end-of-winter mud. The rain has prevented many outdoor activities. The corn and bean harvest is way behind schedule. The barn isn’t completed staining, nor is all the garlic in the ground

If it seems like a lot of rain and wetness in this month, there was. The weatherman says it’s the wettest October on record – at least we’ll have good soil moisture going into next spring.

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