September 30, 2011 – Raspberry Applesauce

In the never-ending quest to preserve apples, the third product is now on the shelf. First was canned apple pie filling, then dried apples for snacking, now applesauce.

These jars sitting on the storage shelves in the basement have a red color due to the raspberries added to the apples. One canning episode was good for about 44 jelly-sized single serve jars for lunches at work. We’ve had no trouble using our raspberries without going to market this year – we traded raspberries for buffalo meat, and handed off 18 lbs of berries to a vinter who promises us bottles of dry wine 6 months from now.

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September 25, 2011 – Claire Update

Claire is now starting her Sophomore year at Macalester in St. Paul, MN.

Photo Credit Macalester College

The year-opening convocation is opened by a piper, in the Scottish tradition of the school.

Photo Credit Macalester College

The guest speakers were a couple of Minnesota natives, Garrison Kellior, waxing about life and politics.  A belated 19th birthday to Claire!

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