May 20, 2008 – Up, Up and Away!

Today was day two of the wind turbine installation.

Here’s Linda a GJ checking out the turbine blades just out of the package.

Everyone want to get in on touching the blades that will be spinning high in the sky in a few minutes.

This is the main unit of the wind turbine. This is the “magic box” where the energy from the wind gets transferred into electricity.

Here the pieces of the tower are clamped together with a collar.

Lining up the layout of the tower.

This picture shows it all – the blades and generator in the foreground and tower and gin pole behind them.

Mounting the skystream to the tower. The green rubbery things are noise dampers to help decrease vibration noise from the appliance (the wind turbine itself is a UL listed appliance, making grid connection almost like plugging in a refrigerator).

There’s lots of rigging to do to attach the tower to the cement foundation tie-downs.

Here a ladder is being used as a gin pole to raise the gin pole. The gin pole is used to help raise the tower by providing a leverage point.

Pulling the gin pole into place.

The gin pole up and in position. This pole is half as tall as the tower and as the tower swings up, the gin pole will swing down, creating a “flying L.”

Here’s the fun part, installing the blades on the tower.

The blades get installed by turning them backwards onto the turbine.

Everyone’s excited as the tower begins to lift off the ground. It just so happened that everyone was home when the tower went up!

Here you can see the gin pole to the left going down and the tower to the right going up.

The tower about 1/3 of the way up.

Check out all the rigging as the gin pole and tower continue the climb towards the sky.

The tower almost in position!

Ta-Da! The tower is up and in place. Tomorrow the trenching and wiring take place to make the connections to the house and grid.

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