November 18, 2006 – Auction

Today I was able to get to a farm auction. It was a complete farm auction – household and farm – they even sold the house! Since there was lots of stuff, I stayed all day, Linda most of the day, and the kids about half the day. There was a big collection of firearms, evidently auction sales don’t have to follow the same rules as retail dealers

It was a deep, cold day. You can tell it’s a cold day, since most of the farmers are actually wearing their hoods or stocking hats instead of baseball caps. We got chilled to the core, it seemed like it wasn’t until late evening that our cores got warmed.

We ended up with a lot of stuff – I’ll post pictures tomorrow. It was sobering to see some of the stuff we got that at one time had great meaning, but now that the people are gone, it’s no matter. There were boxes full of stuff, and I would only want one item and have to take the whole box of stuff I didn’t want. In the boxes were hand-stitched pillows with baby handprints inked on with greetings, presumably from a child to grandparent. There were hand-made Christmas stockings, with the names outlined in glue and glitter. There were notecards of encouragement to family members evidently going through a personal challenge.

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