Please peruse these thoughts from high hopes. Some of these are rants, some are eulogies, some are from "sermons" delivered at church and others are just here because they fit nowhere else.
Family Eulogies
Dan Zaremba (1991) Mark's eulogy for his great uncle.
Walter Zaremba (1992) Mark's eulogy for his grandfather.
Richard Zaremba (1996) Mark's eulogy for his uncle.
Robert Runquist (1997) Mark's eulogy for his father.
Thomas Zaremba (2008) Mark's eulogy for his great uncle.
Keynote (2008) Linda's keynote address at the Prairie Star District annual conference in Duluth, MN.
Legacy (1994) Mark's ruminations on his grandfather's farm in northern Minnesota.
MCC Commencement Address (2002) Linda's commencement address for the 2002 graduation ceremony.
Grace (1991) Linda's reflections on grace.
Notes from the Farm (1997) Linda's reflections after our first year on the farm.
Nurture (1991) Linda's reflections on accepting life.
Spring (2001) Linda's reflections on approaching spring.
Teaching (2004) Linda's reflections on teaching.
Starving Time (2003) Linda's reflections on food and spring.
Prairie Fire (1997) Linda's reflections on a fire unleashed.
Sustain (1997) Linda's reflections on the things that sustain us.
The World's All Right (2005) Linda's reflections on a positive world.
The Emerald Horizon (2009) Mark's book review in the Wapsipinicon Almanac.