February 25, 2011 – Belated Valentines Day Dinner

Monday night didn’t seem like such a good night to go out for Valentine’s Day, and tonight was the first night that Emma could watch Martin for us to get out.  Where to go?  How about the “Accordion European Restaurant?”

When I first proposed a visit to this restaurant in Valley Junction in old West Des Moines, Linda asked if I looked up a food review.  My response was “any restaurant whose web site has in broken English “We have live music performance every night” and brags about “extended accordion show” doesn’t need a review of the food!

I’m assuming this is Sergey Lozovich.  In the Des Moines Register, under type of music it is listed as “alternative.”  Sergey was also the cook, and when there was a break, he would come out and play a bit.  He had a this button accordion and a Hoehner with the keys on one side.

It was a nice meal with some European brew and some food you usually don’t get.

one year ago…”Thingamajig Thursday #197″

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