December 29, 2010 – A Night at the Game

We are very fortunate for the last two years to “borrow” season tix to Iowa State women’s basketball.  The seats are in the second row behind the scorer’s table.  So, today, a night at the game.

Coach Fennelly shaking hands with a “Lady Rattler” from Florida A&M (great marching band anyone?). The uniforms, however looked a lot like Gatorade bottles.

bill fennelly

Bill talks with point guard Lauren Mansfield.  I can only imagine what it must be like to be coach and have a vision in your head about how a team plays and reacts and trying to get that into the heads of five independent players on the team.

Bill Fennelly in time out

Bill looks relatively calm in this time-out.

Mascot Cy, ISU Mascot

Everybody’s best friend Cy posing for a picture.

rich fellingham, molly parrot

Rich Fellingham and Molly Parrot, the voices of the Cyclones.  It’s always a surprise, one way or another to see radio folks in person.

#11 Kelsey Bolte hits another three.  She finished with 28 points as the Cyclones silenced the Lady Rattlers.

As a bonus, Emma’s band played at the game.  During break, the Cyclones invite local high school bands to play during the games when the Cyclone pep band is away.

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