November 9, 2010 – Starting to Say Goodbye to an Old Granary

Comes a Time – a time for the building containing Neil Young’s lifelong collection of memorabilia to burn down and for the old Granary to come down. I’m sure I could make a pretty good connection if I thought long enough.  Looks like it could be part of a cover of a Neil Young album.

This building now rests in the back pasture.  It was one of the original farm buildings.  The building’s fate was essentially sealed 40 years ago when the previous owners removed it from its cement foundation close to where the metal machine shed now stands and dragged it out to the pasture.

The bottom floor joists are shot and now the wall on the right is starting to separate from the building.

I’ve managed to save many of the original buildings by putting new roofs and/or siding on them.  This one doesn’t have enough going for it.  I’ll salvage as much of the lumber that is still good and throw the rest on the bonfire.

But as a testament to the building, this is one of many future posts dedicated to preserving the building through extensive photo-documenting its construction and demise.  Kind of a modern-day reverse archeological deconstruction.

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