June 26, 2010 – On-Farm Chicken Processing

Today was the second time we used the new plucker to move chickens from the chicken tractors to the freezers.

I won’t go into all the steps of butchering chickens, but will show what the chickens look like after they are scalded and through the tub plucker. We did 39 chickens in the morning – we had hoped to get going by 6 am, but the rain didn’t stop until 8 (now rain 23 of 26 days in June). We were through by 11:30. It seemed to go better than the first time. We broke in Emma on the eviscerating line, and Martin caught chickens, turned the plucker off and on and ran bagged chickens to the freezer or refrigerator. Emma and Linda cut up 20 for quick meals of chicken breast or other parts and we sold a few of the rest. Still have about 50 to do later this week.

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