September 25, 2009 – Photo Friday “the Face”

Photo Friday is a weekly photo challenge that offers up a theme and people post photos about that theme. I’m an intermittent participant, depending on the theme and what’s going on at the farm. This week’s theme is “the face” and my entry this week is one of pure joy from Emma on a whale watching boat in the Atlantic.

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September 22, 2009 – Golden Raspberries

The golden raspberries are particularly prolific this year. We only have about 15 feet of row, but it’s more than we can use at the moment.

golden raspberries

The flavor isn’t quite as good (to my taste buds) as the red berries – not quite as strong as the reds.┬á However, I think this winter we’ll make a “raspberry lovers” gift box with red raspberry jam, golden raspberry jam, and raspberry jelly.

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