July 17, 2009 – Rain, Rain

I put the following pictures up as a warning to anyone thinking of coming to Kawishiwi Lodge or the Boundary Waters Canoe Area – don’t visit here!  The glossy, sunny pictures are only part of the story – rain, mosquitoes, and wind await you (I don’t want this area to be overrun with tourists)!

This is pretty much the view most of the week – intermittent rain showers followed by a period of just wind without rain showers.

On one foray out, Martin is in the bow and Emma hunches over in the middle of the canoe to stay dry.

The temperatures the 2nd half of the week struggled to reach 55 degrees. On a foray out to an island for lunch, Martin seeks shelter of a rock against the wind and balsam tree against the rain to eat his lunch.

Did I mention the mosquitoes?  Here’s Claire’s solution to keeping the bugs at bay.

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