March 21, 2009 – Starting Hoophouse

Today we started putting up a 10×21 hoophouse. I’m primarily following a design from the West Side Gardener.

The frames are made of 3/4 inch pvc pipes – light enough for a 7-year-old to shlep down to the building site.

Since the pvc pipe isn’t strong enough to pound into the soil as in the original instruction, I used a piece of metal conduit to make a “pilot hole” to guide the pvc pipe in.

After the pilot hole, in goes the pvc stakes.

Two ten-foot pieces connected with a 4-way connector make the ribs of the hoophouse.

All the hoops in place.

The ridge supports between the hoops in place.  Later, we’ll affix the plastic to the frame, and make the door.

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March 18, 2009 – Skystream Upgrade

Today we got our complimentary upgrade to our skystream turbine.  Among other things, this will change the approximate high shut-off speed from around 30 mph to around 50 mph.  I think this may increase our production 25-50%.  This month alone for example, we’ve had 3 days it was off.  Our record production for a day is 32, so we would have made at least 96 more and there is so much more power in the high wind speeds, that I think it would have been closer to 150 more, which is about 50% of the average monthly production.

Here the hatch of the turbine is open in a Frankenstein-type mode, and wires connected to install new software to allow the upgrade – this is just a s software upgrade, nothing mechanical.  We also have a new remote communications module installed that shows us real-time stats from the turbine.

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March 17, 2009 – Washer Broke

A few days ago, our relatively  new front-load washer started making bad noises on the high spin cycle.  I called the appliance store and over the phone they said it sounded like a bad tub bearing.  They also said that the tub and bearing where integral to each other and that the tub would also need to be replaced.  Needless to say, I was not pleased at the prospect of throwing $400.00 into a two-year old washer.  Long story short, after a long time on the phone complaining, they finally agreed to pay for the bearing and tub.

However, when the tub got in the shop, they discovered it was a chapstick container that got caught between the drum and tub.  Curiously, now no one in the house uses or has used the particular brand of chapstick that was found in the washer!

Until the washer was fixed, Claire got to do one load of laundry in the tub.

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