January 16, 2009 – Photo Friday “Meditation”

This is a bit strange that this week’s Photo Friday theme is “meditation” and exactly a year ago, that was the topic of the blog on this day. So, I guess we’ll repeat the entry, just because!  So, here is last year’s entry repeated:

After Martin got his jammies on, he shouted down the stairs to us, “Can I meditate?”

We gave him the ok to go ahead and meditate, a bit puzzled. We wondered what a 6-year-old meant by “meditate.” We waited a while so he could do his thing alone. Finally, we couldn’t stand the mystery of what he meant by meditate (and he was quiet), so we sent Emma up to investigate. Here’s what she found!

Namaste Martin.

one year ago…”Can I Meditate?”

3 thoughts on “January 16, 2009 – Photo Friday “Meditation”

  1. I do quilt, or I should say I did before this guy was born. This, however, is not one of mine. It was made by a friend of mine. It was part of a block exchange. It is a really simple pattern similar to a friendship star but not exactly. I think you can deduce the pattern from the picture. I can’t find the pattern on the web 🙁

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