May 17, 2008 – First 80 Degree Day in 6 Months

Today it reached 80 degrees for the first time in about six months. The first 80 degree day is usually in mid-April, not mid-May. It was like a blast furnace, along with a 30 mph wind – clothes on the line dried in about 15 minutes, much faster than the dryer.

We got six lambs today – here’s three of them, appreciative of the lush grass, so appreciative that the one on the right is leaving a fertilizer deposit!

The starts look good – they are outside hardening off before getting planted – here is a flat of celosia.

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One thought on “May 17, 2008 – First 80 Degree Day in 6 Months

  1. Mid to upper 90’s all week here in North Texas. Overall it has been just a delightful Spring. Went to my friend’s semi-annual house concert this weekend. Saw the Austin Lounge Lizards. Great food, great comapany, great music on a very pleasant evening.

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