March 10, 2008 – Chicken Feed

Today the feed truck delivered a ton of layer feed.  We have it mixed at the local mill.  It’s more economical than buying the bags at the farm store and we can keep the anti-biotics out.  When I was buying oyster shell at the farm store, I noticed that the feed prices weren’t up as much as I thought they should be.  Then I spotted the feed bags were now 40 pounds instead of 50 pounds! No doubt for “easier handling!”

At any rate, it sure is convenient to have the truck back right into the shed and unload into a wagon.  Fewer trips for us to town and we seldom have to worry about running out. It just so happened, that the truck was able to drive in on frozen ground today as the promised warm-up the next few days will undoubtedly lead to mud and big ruts if the truck came a couple of days from now.

one year ago…”Spring Getaway for Mark and Linda”

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