January 15, 2008 – Sandra Steingraber Lecture

Last night author Sandra Steingraber presented a lecture as part of a job interview for a position in the Iowa State MFA program in Creative Writing and the Environment.  Sandra is an ecologist, researcher, and writer who is one of the few popular authors who combines science into a lively and engaging prose.

Her books include Having Faith, a story about the birth of her child, aptly named Faith. The book meanders through an intimate description of a pregnancy and delivery intertwined with evaluations of the critical life-giving systems, including investigations of the purity (or not) of amniotic fluid, brest milk, and other life-affirming fluids now contaminated with chemicals that just shouldn’t be there.  She’s now looking at the data concerning earlier onset of puberty and the effect on learning, brain chemistry and future breast cancer risk associated with earlier onset of puberty.

I hope that both Iowa State and Sandra can figure out what they need from each other and begin a mutually beneficial partnership!

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