October 28, 2007 – Rare Breed Chickens “Silver Campine”

The rare breed chickens the girls purchased a few months ago are growing up! 

There’s really no way to describe them other than “chickeny” with their black, white and red coloring, long legs, and chicken strut. The bird in the foreground is a “Silver Campine” a breed originating in Belgium and came out of favor when the commercial chicken industry got off the ground after WWII and the industry standardized on a few breeds and left many of the other breeds behind.

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10 thoughts on “October 28, 2007 – Rare Breed Chickens “Silver Campine”

  1. Keep us updated on the campines – it may have just been ours, but they were awful egg eaters…E counted down the days till I finally agreed we were losing more eggs to their bad habits then they were laying!

  2. Can I use a copy of your campine’s picture for a breed page on Backyard chickens forum. I would list you in the credits of the pictures.

  3. hi, iam looking to buy rare breed chickens. for pets only please. i would like to find, appenzeller spitzhauben, buttercup, golden campine, catalana, java, sussex, brabantar, friesian, nankin, etc. thank you very much, rennea.

  4. Any kind of chicken that exists is my favorite!!!!! I <3 CHICKENS SO MUCH!!!!

  5. Because they are chickens! Actually,they lived a bit longer on the farm than the other chickens which are usually kept for a shorter time. But to get to the heart of your question, dI still remember the advice a rare domestic farm animal breeder said in a presentation – the best way to preserve these rar breeds is to eat them – that way people will keep buying them as most of these are raised by farmers instead of hobbyists as “pets.”

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