July 3, 2007 – Chickens Gone

Today was the last day at the farm for the first batch of broilers.

This picture shows the chickens last week. We had the best batch ever.  We ordered 100 birds, and brought 100 birds to the locker. We even left one behind at the farm that we somehow missed in the flurry of excitement in loading them into the transport cages, so we really ended up with 101 birds.  And that remaining chicken looks quite depressed – like somehow she’s missed her calling in life, or has an extreme case of surviivor’s guilt!  Some of you may still be back at the “ordered 100 birds and ended up with 101.”  It’s not a story of the fishes and loaves, but rather the hatchery usually sends a few extra in case some chicks die in transport.  We actually recieved 102 birds, so that means only one chick died along the way from brooding through delivery to the locker.

We had some frozen for our customers and brought some home and Linda and Emma cut up about 20 of them for quick and easy meals later in the year. 

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