April 25, 2007 – Fruit Blossoms = 3 Day Rain

It seems like every year you can pretty much expect a 3-4 day low pressure system to bring constant rain and wind during the peak of the fruit blossom time (hampering the bees from pollinating).  This year is no exception. Only this year’s rain is a lot harder than most years (5.5 inches of rain so far the last two days, and one more day to go).  About 0-2 times a year the low spot in the back pasture becomes a river.  Today is one of those rare days.

You can see what’s left of the willow mulch in the left-center part of the picture – looks like about 3/4 of it was washed away.  Willows were planted there just because of such periodic events.  I just hope the ground doesn’t stay under water for an extended period while the willows are getting established.

I ordered 150 windbreak/Christmas trees yesterday and they arrived in the mail today!  But, by the looks of it, no trees are going to get in the ground today.

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