December 18, 2006 – Christmas Letter Page 2

Yesterday was page one of the Christmas Letter. Today it’s page 2.

Today, the last of the lambs went into the locker. Now, I have five lambskins salted down in the barn, the first stage of tanning.

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2 thoughts on “December 18, 2006 – Christmas Letter Page 2

  1. Hi , saw your blog, it is great. Curious about the lambs in the locker. What breed of sheep do you raise/use. Does the meat have a strong lanolin taste. I tried a lamb roast from the supermarket, but the lanolin taste was very strong, it really overpowered the meat. Do you have this issue or is lamb an acquired taste??
    Thanks Mark (NCRooster)

  2. Lamb is a bit of an acquired taste, although maybe not as overpowering as the grocery store lamb. Our customers rave about how much better they like ours than the store variety.

    We raise Suffolk crosses. Even though I did not grow up on lamb, I do enjoy the leg and especially the chops, but need the right recipe to enjoy the stew and burger.

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