December 10, 2006 – Roving Bands of Chickens

The warm weather continues. The chickens are liking the lack of snow cover. Once the snow comes, the free-range roaming instincts are limited.

This is one of the roosters we hatched ourselves. He’s pretty happy with himself this evening. (But then, the roosters always seem quite happy with themselves.)

He’s the leader of the group of “gypsy chickens” who roam separately from the rest of the flock and end up in places they shouldn’t be. We are actually looking forward to a few snow days so they can learn were they should be. These chickens do not lay in the nest boxes – we find clutches of eggs here and there from this roaming band.

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2 thoughts on “December 10, 2006 – Roving Bands of Chickens

  1. We have a similar band of chickens. I call ours The Separatists. Even when the weather gets cold again they won’t go in the coop. We’ll have to catch them after dark and put them where they belong.

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