October 29, 2006 – A Light in the Darkness2

Today finally warmed up over 60 so I was able to complete the last coat of finish on the current trim boards sitting on the hay rack in the shed. Now, they can be moved into the house and wait for their time to go up in the attic.

We also went to see candidate for Agriculture candidate Denise O’Brien. When I left the old Coliseum where the event took place, I thought this picture really represented Denise’s message – a light in the darkness.

As an organic farmer, she faces incredible odds to become the Secretary of Agriculture for the state of Iowa. She has already defeated the Democratic political machine as she ran against the current governor’s chief of staff who had endorsements form 90% of the current state democratic representatives and was outspend 3-1 and won with 60% of the vote. Now she is against the Republican political machine which I sense must feel as though they are behind as they have started going negative.

Denise’s vision for a diverse agriculture in sizes, crops, and economic opportunity is not limited to two crops (corn and soybeans) and two animals (hogs and cattle). Although those two are very important, there are many other crops that can yield even greater profits than those can.

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