October 10, 2006 – Egg Production Slowing

It’s the time of year that egg production drops as the light decreases. We don’t “force” our hens to lay like the big egg houses do by keeping the lights on all the time, nor do we withhold feed the last days of the hen’s life to trick her into a burst of laying before death. We’re able to ebb and flow with the chicken’s natural cycles, so we get an overflow of eggs in the spring and fewer in the winter.

We have a few young hens (pullets) just starting to lay. Their eggs the first few weeks are about half the size of regular eggs. They often appear in strange places until the pullets figure out it’s nice to lay them in the warm, cozy, nest boxes to make a bigger clutch with other hens.

3 thoughts on “October 10, 2006 – Egg Production Slowing

  1. Hey! Here in Syria we trick the hens by placing a fake egg in the nest so the pullet lay the egg next to the fake one! I hope this would be helpful tip!

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