August 9, 2006 – When it Rains…

We’ve had less than two inches of rain this summer, at a time when we usually receive about 12 inches. Dry.

That ended with a vengeance Wednesday and Thursday – nearly two inches in that time period, including sheets of rain pouring down in horizontal sheets. The rain is welcomed, but of course it coincided with moving broilers out to the chicken tractors.
They are still small and not able to withstand such an assault – so were were out just past daybreak after the main wind and rain front moved through, hauling shivering chickens back to the brooder building to warm up under the heat lamps.

I think all but maybe one will make it (keeping my fingers crossed).

One thought on “August 9, 2006 – When it Rains…

  1. I can’t believe that no one has commented on this picture yet! If looking at this doesn’t inspire you to raise chickens, then nothing will. My one reservation is finding a little clucker some day who didn’t make it 🙁

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