April 29, 2006 – Spawning

We started the mushroom “planting” today. The dowels innoculated with shitaake mushroom spawn arrived and the logs were previously cut and ends waxed and ready to go.

Martin is holding the bag of spawn.

First holes are drilled in the log to one inch with a drill and collar. They are spaced about 6 inches apart in rows about 2 inches apart.

The dowels are pounded into the logs next.

Finally, wax is put over the holes to seal them up as the log needs to stay moist. According to the directions, we should move the logs into a shady spot, keep them moist, and in 6-18 months the picking should begin! This is a job that requires many hands and everybody can help.

4 thoughts on “April 29, 2006 – Spawning

  1. Thanks for sharing your high hopes with others! Most of the blogs I follow are urban, and very gritty. Here’s some daily balance!
    May I share some of your photos with my first grade class as part of social studies and science curriculum?
    I’ll be following the growth of those mushrooms for my own information.

  2. You tell us many fascinating stories. Thank you. It’s almost like I can participate in your experience from afar.

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