January 1, 2006 – Open Source Cattle Panel Feeder

Computer geeks have “open source” software, meaning collaborative, free software instead of software controlled by a company, like Microsoft. But I digress as a point of departure for “open source cattle panels.” Fellow sustainable sojourner Steven Smith brings this design for a hay feeder to our farm.

There are many uses for cattle panels – someday I’ll devote an entire section of my web site to the many designs and uses, but for today – it’s a hay feeder. Here’s a first look at the feeder.panel feeder

Here’s what it looks like full of hay.
panel feeder

The design is simple and flexible – cut a panel the long way however wide you’d like it, leaving a little stub from the wires to insert into an existing vertical panel. Take another piece of wire and make it the length you’d like, and bend “hooks” in it to connect from the vertical panel (in this case, the board that makes the top of the fence). These can be quickly moved as needed.