September 25, 2005 – A Great Rotation

I’m especially proud of this rotation we’ve put together this year. First was potatoes and onions. After onions and potatoes were pulled, we planted buckwheat, which acted as a cover crop and great flowers for the bees. Now we are running chicken tractors over the buckwheat – the chickens are eating all the seeds and leaves and leaving next year’s fertilizer!
chickens on buckwheat

To the right, you can see the garden the chickens have cleaned up and towards the top, the buckwheat waiting to be eaten. The chickens are eating virtually none of their usual food, preferring the buckwheat.
Just as things were getting dry and I was about ready to water this year’s trees, the skies opened up with about 1.5 inches of rain this weekend.

September 24, 2005 – A full day (without camera)

This morning was the last farmer’s market for this season. I’m at the point where I am looking forward to the first frost to kill all the living plants in the garden. I’m through, for now, canning and freezing and ready to start eating!

After market we picked up some of the girls’ friends and drove to Ames to go ice skating and to Hickory Park for birthday dinner. The camera would have been great to have on the rink!

That evening, we went over to neighbors where the kids had a blast making diaramas of sorts on linoleum squares, various figurines and glue guns. I even bought one from Martin for a dollar.

September 23, 2005 – Childhood Heroes!

Today Martin and Grandma Jo journeyed to Boone to see Thomas the Tank Engine live in person! It was a very big day for Martin and a highly anticipated day.
Martin gets to see Thomas close up but notices he doesn’t talk to him.
The steering wheel is really on the caboose and Martin is really steering the train.
Sir Toppem Hat

Martin meets up with Sir Toppem Hatt.

September 21, 2005 – #$%@# Door

Today was another unseasonable 90+ day. It’s supposed to end tomorrow. I began replacing the door in the mudroom that April destroyed. It was not fun – I ended up sawing off part of the door header to get enough room for it to swing on the uneven slab in the mudroom and so on…