February 20, 2005 – Dead Dogs on the Side of the Road

Another grey, wet/snowy muddy day. After church the “Secret Friends” lunch was held. As Martin is too small to have a secret friend, his secret friend (Dad) took him out to lunch. He was very grown-up sitting across from me, snarfing his beef-broccoli stir fry. As we were driving to the restaurant, we saw a policeman and Martin said the policeman was gong to lunch. When we left, we met a policeman at the door and he stopped and chatted with Martin and handed out some police deputy stickers! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Linda and Claire went for a walk and April took off from them and they had to return later to get her. They also (the dogs) found a dead dog in the ditch. They didn’t recognize it and wondered if it was just dumped there? It must have been a bad week for dogs as two families in church had to put their dogs asleep as well. We also were planned to host a 4-H “dog agility” training today that was canceled. Hmmm.

3 thoughts on “February 20, 2005 – Dead Dogs on the Side of the Road

  1. it was sad seeing the dog in the ditch. We think it was run over by a car or got lost or something. But April and Frankie could really smell it and we wouldn’t have seen it without them.

  2. The secret friends thing was fun. I’m glad you and Martin had a good time. It sounded like fun!

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