We grow many different kinds of crops at high hopes, but not much of any one particular crop. This mimics balanced natural systems and helps alleviate losses when one particular crop has a bad season.
Vegetable Crops

We grow many of standard varieties you'd see at a midwestern farmer's market.
 See more about the vegetable crops at the high hopes vegetable pages

Flowers are a great crop - if you don't harvest them, there's no guilt as they still look good right where they are!  See more about flowers at the high hopes blog flower pages
Fruit Trees

We have a great variety of fruits, including peaches, pears, plums, apples, apricots, cherries, and paw-paws. See more about the fruit crops at the high hopes fruits pages
peach basket

Berries are a great crop here, especially the low-maintenance fall raspberries and blackberries. See more about the berries at the high hopes berry pages
Trees and Shrubs

We've planted Christmas trees, hardwoods, ornamental willows, hazels, and more. See more about trees and shrubs at the high hopes tree and shrub pages
pussy willow
Maple Syruping

We've tapped some maple trees in our yard and loved the results. See more about maple syruping at the high hopes maple syruping pages
sap bucket