What's a farm without a dog? 

April in the Snow

April has been the queen of farm dogs - outliving and outloving them all.  She's now about 12 years old, a golden retriever/collie mix from the rescue league.  Her quirks include a fear of thunderstorms - as a young dog, she was out in a severe hailstorm and rather than seeking shelter, ran around, in hailstones large enough to break our windows.  Ever since, at the first sound of thunder, she demands to be let in the house.  In the past she has literally clawed through two wooden doors trying to get into the house - we've since replaced them with steel doors!  But if we are asleep or gone, she has figured out how to open the door handles to get in the house.

dog agility

Maizie is our other current "2nd" dog.  She's much more active (hyper) than April and loves to jump and run.

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