May 30, 2016 – The Flume

While Linda was off doing “minister stuff” Martin and I took to some exploring.

We are headed to the flume, a natural gorge, 25 minutes from Plymouth. Here is a bridge along the way.

The falls at the top of the flume.

The crazy fun walkway that leads through the gorge. This walkway is removed every winter so it is not destroyed by ice.


Blueberries in bloom.

The view from somewhere near the middle of the mountain.

The Sentinel bridge on the Flume trail.

Maaahtin on the bridge.

A view of Mount Liberty. If you squint, you can see George Washington in repose as the mountain.

Up the road a piece at Crawford Notch.

May 24, 2016 – Quincy Bog

While we were in Plymouth for candidating week, we often awoke at 5:30 am. Rather than staring at the ceiling, we often went for a short morning hike.

Coffee in hand, we arrive at Quincy Bog, just a few minutes from the hotel.

It’s an interesting area of wetland, bog, and wildlife. We saw many spring flowers, lady slippers, and one evening Martin and I saw one of the beavers that live here, including a great tail slap on the water.

There are many boardwalks that cut through the trail, giving you access to territory you would not normally be able to walk to.

And no, the bugs were not bad at all (perhaps the early morning chill helped).