August 19, 2014 – South Iceland

This day on South Iceland was my favorite – sunny skies! The only bummer was that Claire’s flight was delayed 24 hours (and her luggage delayed 7 days), so I was solo on this beautiful day.

Welcome to Iceland!

The black sand beach near Vik, in the Dyrholaey nature reserve. A gorgeous place with black sand beaches, imposing rock formations, great columnar basalt, and puffins!

Another view from a bluff above Dyrholaey.

The Puffins were almost all gone for the season, but there were still a few stragglers.

The airbnb organic farm I stayed at near Vik. Missing in this photo is the hoophouse and miles of mountainous pasture behind where this farmer’s 2500 sheep roam up to the foot of a glacier. In 2010, when Eyjafjallajökul blew, his place was covered with 4-5 inches of ash. You can also see the trout stream and white forage bales as well.