November 30, 2013 – Last Day for Christmas Tree Sales

We made one final trip to Wheatsfield Grocery in Ames to sell Christmas trees.  As in final-final.  When we planted our field windbreak years ago, we planted the trees 5 feet apart instead of the usual 20 feet apart to account for trees that might not mature or get thinned for Christmas trees.  The windbreak is now pretty much thinned and/or the remaining trees are too large.

It’s a great experience to have in December.  I sold trees as a college student, I sold them now as middle-aged, and with any luck I’ll be able to sell them again as an old man.

2 thoughts on “November 30, 2013 – Last Day for Christmas Tree Sales

  1. These are Canaan Fir – the closest tree that grows well in Iowa that resembles the Balsam Fir of my childhood in Northern Minnesota.

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