July 6, 2013 – 80/35 2013

Once again it’s time for the mostly totally volunteer-run music festival that takes place at the intersection of I-35 and I-80.

The most intriguing new act that I saw was the Homemade Jamz Blues Band from Tupelo, MS.  When the band took the stage, I turned to Linda and said, “What, is the drummer 13-yrs old?”  I was wrong – she’s 14!  Her brother the bass player is 19 and her other brother playing lead is 21.  But even at 14, it’s already been five years since signing her first record deal.


Photo Credit Patrick Wingard

I missed the headliner Friday night, David Byrne – and how could you go wrong with a tuba, French horn, trombone,  and David Byrne?  Friends said the show was ethereal. But I have a good excuse for missing it as our good friend and neighbor, on the occasion of her 50th birthday, jumped out of an airplane 10,000 feet above her farm and landed at her party.

Looking down at 80/35. Photo by Stefan Hansen.

Photo Credit Stefan Hansen

Saturday’s headliner was Wu-Tang Clan, and I chose to pass on them, although many others seemed to have a good time!


July 5, 2013 – Martin’s “New” Room

With Emma gone out of the house, it’s time for some re-arranging. First order of business is to update Martin’s room from the baby blue he’s lived with for 12 years.

The room while getting prepped.

We decided to go for the two-tone look and add a chair rail for a bit more visual interest.

The freshly painted room. The bottom color is green giggle and the top is orange bouquet. Now, he gets to move in his sister’s bunk bed and have a room suitable for a12-yr old!

July 4, 2013 – Happy 4th (even to you in the U.K.)

Martin thought it would be good to line up a bunch of sparklers and see how many he could light.

After this, we decided than rather than driving some distance for fireworks, we’d try Melbourne and were pleasantly surprised.  We were close to the launch site (a baseball field away) and at that distance, the fireworks filled our range of vision.  Best yet, from the time the last fireworks exploded to home – five minutes!

July 3, 2013 – Happy Path

Soon the hay will be cut in the back pasture, but until then, I’m maintaining wispy walking trails back to the small pond, the trees we planted, and the burn piles.

It’s pleasant to walk back at the end of the day.  The low spots bring a characteristic deep damp smell in the late evening while we track to progress of the fledgling birds and plants.