July 27, 2013 – Linda’s CPE Summer

Linda has been part of a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) group this summer at Iowa Methodist/Blank Children’s Hospital.  It’s a 40 hour a week formal gig (educational components in the AM and visiting patients in the PM).   Along with everyone’s favorite, on-call in the evenings, overnight, and weekends.

Here’s her group on bow-tie Wednesday.  Last week was rather typical 40 regular hours plus 4-8pm Thurs, 4-9pm Friday, and 8 am-8pm on Sunday.  Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t  something you had to pay to do!

Outside on a windy day.  On call duties include meeting every life-flight and ER ambulance admittance, along with every code blue, death, and patient/family request for a visit.  Linda’s advice to all of you – she’d be a lot less busy if you stayed off motorcycles and ladders.