July 27, 2013 – Linda’s CPE Summer

Linda has been part of a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) group this summer at Iowa Methodist/Blank Children’s Hospital.  It’s a 40 hour a week formal gig (educational components in the AM and visiting patients in the PM).   Along with everyone’s favorite, on-call in the evenings, overnight, and weekends.

Here’s her group on bow-tie Wednesday.  Last week was rather typical 40 regular hours plus 4-8pm Thurs, 4-9pm Friday, and 8 am-8pm on Sunday.  Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t  something you had to pay to do!

Outside on a windy day.  On call duties include meeting every life-flight and ER ambulance admittance, along with every code blue, death, and patient/family request for a visit.  Linda’s advice to all of you – she’d be a lot less busy if you stayed off motorcycles and ladders.

July 27, 2013 – They Grow up so Fast!

Fifty-two little yellow fuzzballs arrived this week.  It doesn’t matter what time of year we order chicks, we can always be sure it will bring a cold snap.

Although I must admit that July cold snaps are much more enjoyable than March.  It has been close to or in the 40s, flirting with record lows since they arrived.  But all are doing well so far. In less than 8 weeks they will be all grown up and in the freezer!

July 26, 2013 – Ridin’ the Storm Out

This poor little guy survived the storm last week.

You would not think that blackberry bushes would provide the sturdiest of homes.

Martin was worried during the storm for the bird and relieved to find it still in the nest after the wind had passed. Amazingly enough, nests had fallen out of some big trees, but this one survived.

July 26, 2013 – Pie in a Jar

With the abundance of apples, after freezing many bags, drying many trays, now we’ve moved onto making pie filling.

Here’s a jar that didn’t seal appropriately sitting in front of the apple tree.  Sometimes the headspace is tricky since the filling is so sticky and air bubbles get caught.  This one didn’t seal, so we’ll have to eat it soon -darn!

July 23, 2013 – Apple Season Begins

Let the apple season begin!  Our apple tree that produces ripe fruit ridiculously early in the season is in full swing.

So far, we’ve got over 10 gallons of peeled and cut apple slices in the freezer, waiting for another variety to get ripe, as a mix of varieties is best for applesauce.  Another benefit of freezing is they break down to sauce so much quicker than just off the tree.