December 22, 2012 – Solstice Bonfire, Barely

After the howling winds, the Winter Solstice arrived, along with the snowplow about 2:30 in the afternoon.

My favorite wife in the glow of the candle in the darkness.

It took a great deal of effort to get the bonfire to light, but light it did to help light/warm up the longest night of the year.

A couple of the brave sojourners who made it out.  The usual crows od 100-120 was cut way back to about 40 this year.  But that meant more room to move around in the house and enjoy chatting.

January 1, 2013 – Most Forgettable Moments of 2012

I know I’m a bit late in this “best of 2012” but without further ado, here are the most forgettable moments of 2012.

January – Claire went back to school and forgot some items at home. I had to find a box, find some tape, and drive to the Post Office to send them.

February – I shoveled the ice and snow off the sidewalk. Then the wind blew and filled it back up again and I had to do it all over.

March – I wanted to go cut up some branches that fell down over the winter. But I didn’t keep any oil and gas mixture for the chainsaw over the winter. So I had to remember to get some the next time I went to town, but forgot the next three times I went to town for something or another.

April – A story on the news broke that really pissed me off.

May – I was working outside and almost forgot to pick Martin up after school to bring him to piano lessons. I didn’t have time to grab a book, so I just sat and listened to his lessons and pretended to read the magazines scattered about the house that I really wasn’t interested in reading.

June – I was fishing off a dock in Northern Minnesota and a wave temporarily hid my bobber and I couldn’t find it for a split-second and thought I had a bite.

July – After the 4th of July fireworks display we had to sit in the car a long time waiting for all the people to leave.

August – I was working on something with tools and ripped off a small part of the edge of a fingernail. It hurt for a long time and I wondered if it would get infected or not, but a week later it was better.

September – I went down to the basement to retrieve something, but then started straightening up some disheveled items and went back upstairs and realized I forgot to retrieve what I originally went down to get.

October – I went out to prune some blackberries, but then walked by the low-hanging branches of an old Mulberry tree that I didn’t really care much for. Rather than sawing off the branch 10 feet above the ground, I thought it would be easier to just knock it down with the tractor loader. It didn’t really snap off that well and it took much longer than had I just cut it. Then, the blackberry canes took a lot longer to prune than I figured.

November – I spent a lot of time deciding the right building to store and buch of things in and ended up having to clean a space out and never actually moved the items.

December – I was trying to fill out some financial aid forms, tried to log onto a web site, but I forgot my password, so I had to have them resend it. But my mail provider changed smtp mail servers and I couldn’t get any mail, so couldn’t reset the passwords. It was late and had to wait until the next day. Then they spent and hour and a half the next day and could only get incoming mail to work.