October 28, 2012 – Linda Speaks in St. Paul

Here I am, a few days behind. It’s refreshing, though in a way isn’t it? No worry from me about instant tweeting or posting to facebook from a phone, just old-fashioned days behind real time.

We were in St. Paul this weekend to bring Claire back to school after a short break.

While we were there, Claire facilitated for Linda to speak at the small UU church a few blocks from campus that she attends.  Even though we hauled up “bio-orb” a rolling composter for Claire’s house, a case of Annie’s macaroni and cheese, honey, garlic, and a lemon tree, we still were on Claire’s bad list since we elected to spend the night with some folks I’ve known for 30 years instead of staying in her house with her roommates.  Bad parents for that move, but we’ll all get over it!

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