July 14, 2012 – Subey Takes a Hit for Emma

Emma was on her way to work on Thursday, when she was proceeding through the first stop light in Marshalltown.  An on-coming driver tried to make a left turn in front of her.  The airbags deployed and some kind passersby stopped and took care of Emma until the police and EMTs arrived.  Emma was checked at the scene, thanked by the paramedics for wearing her seat belt and not in need of hospitalization.  She was worried later in the evening when a headache did not go away with medicine, much like her previous concussion symptoms.  We took her to urgent care that evening and she checked out fine at that time, now just is dealing with the usual stiffness and soreness.

The other driver was hospitalized and as the policeman said in the newspaper article, the other party was at fault. The picture comes from that article.  A quote from the officer at the scene was not very comforting to parents “The fact that they are not dead is an indicator that they weren’t speeding.”  I’ve been loving on Emma since the accident, stops at the ice cream store and catching up on movies.