July 10, 2012 – Documents from the Past

There was a bright light on the horizon this evening. I knew in a second what it was…

the continued obliteration of the farmstead across the section.

I was able to get a few mementos from inside the house.  They are fascinating documents of a different time.  I’ll post them below with the names erased for some sense of privacy, I guess.  It just doesn’t seem ok to post them with a name on them.

Perhaps the biggest sign of the times is this check for polio insurance, written in 1955 – the year Jonas Salk released the polio vaccine.

Gas was 24 cents a gallon.

When’s the last phone bill you had that came in under four dollars?

An electric bill from 1955 coming is at under a 10 spot.

Before we found this, Martin asked me what that funny yellow thing that looked like a small part of combine was (photo is in previous day’s album).  The check for a new corn picker.  Again, 1955 was the end of an era and might have been the last, or one of the last years this style corn picker was available, since modern combines were out about this time.

Scores of old Christmas greetings lay littered on the floor.

A handwritten account of farm budget items from 1966.

And perhaps the most ironic is this bulldozer bill from 1952 – 60 years later the bulldozers returned one final time.