July 7, 2012 – 80/35 Day 2

Final day of 80/35. Most of the bands I saw are below and most I’ve got a link to a performance by the band in the text below their picture. At then end is a rather random mish-mas of bits and pieces from my camera during the day. If you only choose to look at two, the variety of 80/35 is perhaps best captured by the Delta Rae and Leslie and the LY-s!

Fairfield Iowa based Little Ruckus is shall, we say, irreverent?

It’s nice to see brass bands still on the musical horizon as Central Iowa Christopher and the Conquered and his Black Gold Brass Band funk it up.

After listening to a few of this band’s songs, I’m not sure if it was the band’s lineup or its sound, but I thought they could do a killer Fleetwood Mac cover.  And by gosh, they did, they can also go gospel as in this video.  They were recently signed to warner Bros and were a SXSW band.

The Mumfords, another SXSW band from Ames, again show there is a future in this country for trombone players wearing red and white duct tape underpants to make their mark in the world!

Atmosphere is a band that I would never find on my own – the indie rap band was fun for at least 15 minute.  They hail from Minneapolis and had a #5 album on the billboard charts.

Greensky Bluegrass is another SXSW act with a great bluegrass vibe.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit hail from Muscle Shoals – the band is a wonderful spawn of the Drive-By Truckers (plus he looks a lot like my dad when he was young).  I remember hearing one songwriter – it may have been Dylan or Cash or Emmy Lou say, one of the hardest thing to do is to write one true lyric that hasn’t already been said.  I think Jason’s lyric “There’s one thing I can’t stand, There’s one thing I can’t take,  It’s the sound that woman makes, Five seconds after her heart begins to break” counts for me.

Leslie and the LY-s need to be seen to be believed.  Some kind of a glam-dance satire.

My favorite group of the day was Leftover Salmon, what’s known in the trade as a jam grass band – a bit of of the Grateful Dead mixed with Del McCoury band.  The band seemed to have as good a time as the audience.  It strikes me that most people’s musical tastes are much wider than commercial radio suggests – many of the same people fist-pumping for Atmoshpere, danced to Leftover Salmon.

Closing the evening was Death Cab for Cutie, probably the most commercially successful band of the festival, but not quite as compelling as some of the other acts.

Random short clips of the day.

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