July 2, 2012 – Fishing Wrap up

I bought a three-day fishing license, so was able to get out a bit – either in the morning before everyone got up, or after dinner when the day’s trips were over.

brook trout

Here’s a nice brook trout.

brown trout

I mostly caught Brown Trout, the biggest about 16 inches, which was plenty big for the creek.

castle creek

One view of Castle Creek below Deerfield Lake.

castle creek, black hills trout stream

A great hiding place for some trout.

The last day’s catch, not including an equal number which were released.  It was a great creek to fish.  There was little traffic – I didn’t see anyone on the creek, the fishing pressure is pretty light, based on the lightly used footpaths along the creek, and best of all, there was an old gravel road near, but not too near the creek, so I could fish until dark and not have to walk back along the stream.  There’s not much more satisfying feelings than walking with the coolness of the mountain air enveloping you, moonlight at your back, and gurgling stream in the distance and a fishing trip where the catching was as good as the fishing.

When I said I didn’t see anybody on the creek, it was technically incorrect.  When I drove up, there was a party parked on the bridge where the stream crossed the road.  They looked as though they had all the greatest gear – shiny new creels, fishing vests and fly rods – as though they had just stopped in Cabela’s in Rapid City.  However, the fact that they were fishing off the bridge in a shallow, fast-running part of the creek told me they had more disposable income than fishing sense!

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