June 22, 2012 – Back to the Sandbox

What seems like years ago, the leftovers of a pile of sand from some project was a favorite place for a toddler to play. Now, years later, the sandbox has made a comeback! It was renovated by digging up all the grass and weeds that had found a home there.

Here, the boys wait for the volcano and waterfall to fill the empty river channel and lake with water.  Sand has been sculpted, the hose has been split into two and buried to provide the energy for the volcano and the waterfall.

Success!  The waterfall and volcano have both done their jobs and the river and lake fill with water.

I still remember one day in the sandbox.  I was kindergarten or younger and a friend and I decided to see why would happen if we kept shoving the hose down into the ground with the water running.  It kept going down, further and further, we imaged the surprise the people in China would see when it went all through the earth.  However we had the surprise when the water stopped coming up and the hose was stuck in the each – no amount of wiggling, water, and digging would free the hose.  Dad wasn’t to happy losing a good portion of his hose and fitting!